My Story


There was never a day that I woke up and decided to be a seamstress. It is simply what I have done and will always do – what I live and breathe and love. Fabric is the medium of my artistic expression and She is my canvas. The endless possibilities of fabric manipulation, embellishment and styles with which to adorn Her ensure that every day of my work, year after year, are an exploration, a passion endlessly fueled. 

Taught to sew by my mother at a young age, I went from making doll clothes to dolls, to pillowcase and curtain dresses for myself, to prom dresses, and finally enrolled in a fashion design program. I had the great fortune of studying for one term in London and training under a couturier there. This time in Europe heavily influenced my perspective of style, lifestyle, and approach to the way I work. In Europe style is about elegance, timelessness. It is about knowing that as a woman you possess beauty, and respecting that gift in the way you carry yourself, dress yourself, and interact with others. It’s about dressing up for no better reason than being a woman. It’s about having not a huge wardrobe of clothes barely worn and then tossed – but having a few select pieces that are very fine, that you take care of and cherish and wear over and over.